多元化保養品OEM/ODM, 立即打造您的專屬品牌,快速開啟您的美容事業。

Skinmax Biotech has our top R&D team for cosmeceutical and skincare products. We focus on new materials, new technology and new trend in the market. We only make the best skincare products!

Diversified products OEM/ODM, support you to build up your own brand within no time. Start your aesthetic business now!

• 保養品代工生產製造(OEM) OEM

• 保養品品牌開發設計(ODM) ODM

• 半成品內外銷 Bulk products for domestic sale and export

• 配方開發 Formulation design and develop

• 產品改良 Product improvement

• 包裝材料諮詢 Packaging consulting